Déogratias Mbilizi proclaimed doctor in didactics of disciplines at UPN

Kinshasa, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The head of work Déogratias Mbilizi Mwisimbwa was proclaimed Thursday doctor in didactics of disciplines at the National Pedagogical University (UPN) with the mention « the greatest distinction » at the end of the public defense of a doctoral thesis entitled: « Attitude of teachers in Bukavu facing the integration of information and communication technologies: contribution to the optimization of teaching learning geography in 7th year of the ‘basic education’.

Déogratias Mbilizi indicated that he had carried out this doctoral research in computer science didactics in the city of Bukavu, capital of the province of South Kivu, taking advantage of the vast reform of the education system undertaken in recent years and the observations and discussions with the various actors of education by noting the difficulties related to the attitude of the teacher vis-a-vis the use of technologies which remains the only way in the evolution of the field of education but also of the facilitation in the teaching process.

This study aimed to draw up an inventory of the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by geography teachers in the 7th year of basic education, to identify the causes of this non-integration but also seek to target the attitude constituting a brake on its integration and propose the means and IT resources likely to facilitate teachers who develop a behavior of mistrust vis-à-vis this integration.

The results of this doctoral study revealed that teachers display a negative attitude in their minds towards integrating ICT into the process.

The recipient stressed the need to organize a series of trainings as well as sensitization which would be an asset for teachers to understand and put in place a mechanism to take ownership of the change process. The training organized for teachers in this area and the improvement of the performance of learners constitute, according to him, an asset in changing attitudes towards this reform, without which education remains chaotic.

For the application of the framework law of February 2014

The applicant recommended that administrators in this doctoral research ensure compliance with the framework law of February 2014 which stipulates in particular the use of ICT and which offers access to distance education.

It is about the need to provide schools with hardware and computer equipment for the advancement of geography education that addresses these ICTs.

For schools with computer labs, he advocated establishing a dialogue between all stakeholders involved in the process leading to the integration of ICT.

IT managers need to be sensitive to the needs of teachers and the technical implications they experience.

He also suggested the creation of a post of pedagogical adviser to ICT to reflect on the different ways of awakening or triggering change in teachers, given that the latter need techno-pedagogical training to integrate these ICTs. in the course programs.

The examining jury for this thesis was made up of Professors Stanislas Ruguduka Baleke and Alphonse Masandi Milondo respectively promoter and co-promoter as well as professors Eustache Banza Nsomwe and Jean-Marcel Mbikayi Mpanya as president and rapporteur of the jury. The academic session was chaired by UPN Rector Prof. Simon Masamba. ACP/

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