Earthquake in Kamituga in South Kivu: the national deputy JC Kibala launches an SOS to the Government in favor of the population

Kinshasa, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- National deputy Jean-Claude Kibala on Friday asked the Government of the Republic to come to the aid of the victims of the earthquake that occurred on Wednesday in the city of Kamituga in province of South Kivu.

The elected representative of Mwenga territory recommends that the Government extend the humanitarian assistance given to the victims of the Nyiragongo volcano eruption, to the victims of this earthquake in the mining town of Kamituga.

Jean Claude Kibala invites the Congolese public authorities to enact standards to be applied rigorously so that in the future, such damage is avoided before stressing the need for a contingency plan in order to properly manage natural disasters that may arise in the DRC.

Speaking on the urgent actions already carried out since the occurrence of this earthquake in Kamituga, he said he had dispatched a team of assessors to the scene of the tragedy for urgent assistance.

 Wednesday’s earthquake, he continued, destroyed the buildings housing the Kagunzi Primary School in the Kitemba district, a dispensary in the Essence district, a private university as well as the 8th CEPAC Pentecostal Community Church. .

The toll of the disaster, added the national deputy is 10 injured in addition to cracks caused in several houses in the city. The town of Kamituga, which has a population of 260,000, is a mining center and an important communication hub on the RN2 national road. It is a major center for the consumption of products from the territories of Mwenga and Shabunda. The Mungombe hydroelectric dam located on the Zizi river 15 km away provides electricity to the town which is on the list of the largest mining towns in the DRC.

Kamituga region is the western economic pool of South Kivu province, made up of Mwenga and Shabunda territories, with more than 1,500,000 inhabitants. The development of Kamituga as a regional center has a great impact on the development of its rural outskirts of Mwenga and Shabunda territories. ACP/

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