Swedish government provides funding to UNDP for its program in DRC

Kinshasa, June 13th, (2021).- The Director of the Regional Office for Africa of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Ms. Ahunna Eziakonwa, and the Swedish Ambassador to the DRC, Mr. Henric Råsbrant, announced in a press release delivered to the CPA on Sunday that a new multi-year partnership was signed on June 10 in Kinshasa and virtually.

According to the statement, this new support for the UNDP recovery and development program in the DRC amounts to US $ 20 million for the first two years, and is expected to subsequently reach a total of US $ 40 million.

According to the source, this is to date the largest funding for the UNDP program in the DRC for the period 2020-2024, given the scope of the themes covered and the amount of the envelope.

Ms. Eziakonwa underlined that thanks to this funding her organization will be able to carry out better adapted and more effective actions in favor of the population of the DRC, towards a more inclusive future and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, before adding that this Multi-year funding introduces certainty, predictability and clarity that will help increase the impact of UNDP development programs.

“We are very happy to deepen our partnership with UNDP to improve governance in the DRC,” said Mr. Råsbrant.

According to him, this partnership marks the common ambition to move from the humanitarian crisis to development, considering the UNDP as a key partner for the Congolese government in its efforts to reduce the level of poverty in the country and restore the authority of the State.

Sweden’s support, said the diplomat, is part of the implementation of the new 2020-2024 program cycle of UNDP in the DRC, which requires a total of 458 million dollars.

It will support key interventions in the areas of governance, stabilization and resilience. It also concerns support for decentralization, local governance and development planning as well as the fight against corruption, support for the implementation of the joint United Nations support program for the reform of justice and support for the establishment of a joint program of support of the Nations for the stabilization of the DRC.

Sweden is among the most important donors and partners of UNDP

« Sweden is among the most important donors and partners of UNDP, » noted the Director of the Office of External Relations and Advocacy at UNDP Ms. Ulrika Modéer, expressing her gratitude to the Swedes for the trust they place. to the work of this UN agency in the DRC and in other regions of the world.

“Such multi-year support is essential to enable UNDP to conduct its actions in a more flexible and efficient manner for real impact in a country facing multiple protracted crises,” she said.

According to the statement, Sweden has been present in the DRC since 1960 and has provided support for ages. She maintains excellent relations with the UNDP Office and has financed several projects including that of the Donor Coordination Group (GCP) and actions in various fields such as elections, access to justice, the fight against poverty through microfinance and community recovery.

Currently, the source continues, Sweden is funding the « Action, Change and Transformation through Financial Inclusion in the DRC » (ACTIVE) program with a budget of $ 5.8 million.

Contribute to strengthening the rule of law through support for the efforts of the authorities

In addition, the press release specifies that this new Swedish financing agreement will enable UNDP, among other things, to contribute to strengthening the rule of law through support for the efforts of the authorities and other stakeholders with a view to reducing sensitive and enduring acts of corruption.

It will also be a question of providing support for the stabilization, the restoration of peace and the strengthening of the resilience of the populations, notes the press release before supporting the capacities of the Congolese State to accelerate the process of territorial decentralization under all its dimensions (political, administrative and fiscal) in order to strengthen local governance, boost grassroots economic development and improve the living conditions of the population. ACP/

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