The Head of State reaffirms his firm desire to end armed groups

Kinshasa, June 15th, 2021 (CPA) – While staying in Goma, capital of Nord Kivu province, the President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi reaffirmed his firm desire to put an end to the armed groups that have been swarming since decades, the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He announced, hand on heart, during his last intervention on Sunday in his residence in Goma, his determination to put out of state to harm these « outlaws ».

“These barbarians know today. We are firmly committed to making them disappear. They will try to exist by doing more violence. But, it is to their lost bodies that they do it. We are not going to be discouraged … « , declared the Head of State, satisfied with the positive results of the state of siege in the hunt for ADF and other local and foreign armed groups.

Why the state of siege?

And the Supreme Commander of FARDC and the National Police added: « The state of siege has been decided, because at one point, the force had to be heard. And it is this force that will be applied to the last entrenchment of these barbarians. »

The shock wave is already being felt in the camp of the enemies of peace. There are surrenders as well as the neutralization of warlords. While the state of siege has so far only been limited to Nord Kivu and Ituri, in neighboring Sud Kivu, the neutralization is announced by Operation Sukola II (Ops 2), in Sud Kivu, commanders of « Makanika armed group », in Fizi territory.

 The most recent, Commander Bon fils Rutebuka, operating on Kibungo axis, was arrested by the valiant FARDC, with arms and ammunition.

The demobilization process underway

While asking FARDC to pursue the enemies of the Republic to their last entrenchment, the Head of State, Father of the Nation, is already thinking of the legal mechanisms to recover those of the rebels ready to join the camp of the fatherland.

It is in this context that we must include his will expressed in his address in Goma « to encourage members of armed groups to lay down their arms and to surrender. »

The President goes far by proposing to « designate the animators of DDRCS process, with the aim of encouraging these surrenders, and above all to take charge of these young people who will leave the armed groups and prepare them for a new life in community. »

In doing so, his active diplomacy has produced results. The World Bank, which he greeted in passing, rushed to our aid by providing us with USD 50 million to begin this DDRCS process ”.

This is therefore an old dream of President Tshisekedi who, moreover, announced from Goma the incessant appointment of the leaders of the « Program for disarmament, demobilization, community reintegration and stabilization » (DDRCS).

Initially, during the inauguration of Sama Lukonde government, it was already announced, from the rostrum of the Lower House of Parliament, “the merger of the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) program, and that of stabilization and reconstruction of areas emerging from armed conflicts, (STAREC) ”, called to form the “Disarmament, demobilization, community reintegration and stabilization ”(DDRCS) program.

In addition, not putting aside his mission of comfort to the victims of Goma, the Head of State arrived on Monday afternoon in Kibati locality, located 17 km north of Goma, with the First Lady and his ministers, in view of the visit of the mobile hospital being erected for the care of the victims of the volcanic eruption of May 22nd, it was reported. ACP /

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