The VPM in charge of the Environment is imbued with the situation of the various departments of the General Secretariat of its ministry

Kinshasa, May 21, 2021 (ACP).- The Deputy Prime Minister (VPM), Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Eve Bazaiba visited Thursday in Kinshasa the various directorates of the General Secretariat of her ministry to learn about the situation of agents in order to establish an inventory. The building housing four directorates of the General Secretariat located on Avenue des Cliniques, in the town of Gombe, was the first site to be visited. A site reconnaissance visit under the direction of the Secretary General, Mr. Toirambe Bamoninga, ranging from the studies and planning department through the human resources department, the administrative and financial department, the general department for the environment and living environment to fall to the direction of human settlements and environmental protection. The situation of the general secretariat was examined and the challenges to be taken up are in particular the social of the agents. A real cause of joy for all the staff of these four directorates through the Secretary General who did not fail to thank the VPM Bazaiba for this mark of consideration, indicating that everyone’s wish is that these challenges be met. The second site to benefit from the presence of Ms. Eve Bazaiba, the 4th floor of the « Forescom » building, still in the town of Gombe, housing the offices of the General Secretariat for the Environment. The VPM Bazaiba had to exchange around the functioning and the social situation of the agents with the persons in charge of two directorates installed in this building, among others, the community forestry directorate and the different divisions in particular the forestry industry division, the allocation and exploitation forestry division as well as the forestry statistics division. ACP/

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