The work of the Congolese in the plantations in Lusanga presented in the feature film « White cube »

Kinshasa, April 5th, 2021 (CPA).- The National Museum of the Democratic Republic of Congo (MNRDC), in the commune of Lingwala, has been organizing since March 24th, the screening of the feature film entitled “White cube”, by the Dutch artist Renzo Martens, dedicated to the presentation of the working conditions and the ardor of the Congolese peasants in the plantations, in the territory of Lusanga, in the province of Kwilu. According to a press release from this cultural establishment handed over to the CPA on Saturday, this documentary film of more than an hour describes how Congolese workers working in the plantations of Lusanga, can exploit the artistic side of their activity and draw from it. profit, instead of knowing acts of fraud on the part of certain partners. It tells the intriguing story of neo-artists who rediscover their heritage and make a name for themselves on the art scene as the “Art Circle of Congolese Plantation Workers” (CATPC). This loop screening continues until April 24, 2021. Renzo Martens is a Dutch artist, director who lives and works between Kinshasa and Amsterdam. He is particularly famous for his documentary “Enjoy poverty” published in 2008. ACP/

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