Commissioning of the grade separation from Bitabe to Masina

Kinshasa, June 5th, 2021 (CPA).– The Minister of State in charge of Infrastructure and Public Works, Alexis Gisaro Muvunyi, on Friday commissioned the Bitabe flyover, built on Boulevard Lumumba in the Masina commune in Kinshasa in order to promote the flow of traffic between the city center (Gombe) and N’djili international airport. To this end, he made the work part of the continuation of the project initiated by the Head of State; Filix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo aimed at eradicating traffic jams on the arteries of the city of Kinshasa and through the country.

Almost 300 meters long, this work, he said, is the longest of all flyovers built in Kinshasa. It has 60 m of bridge and 96 m of ramp on the N’djili international airport side and 153 m on the side of the city of Kinshasa.

The flyover from Bitabe to Masina

Minister of State Gisaro reassured the Congolese population of the continuation of the project according to the Head of State’s desire to relieve the Congolese of all the difficulties associated with their movement from one corner to another. The governor of the city, province of Kinshasa, Ngobila Mbaka, present at the inauguration ceremony, said that through the city, not only grade separations but also lighting on all roads will be built. in order to reduce traffic accidents. He also deplored the degree of destruction of the roads, stressing that this destruction began a long time ago.

General Director announces relentless start of expressway construction The General Director of the Roads Office (OR), Herman Mutima Sakrini, in his ceremonial speech, announced the imminent start of construction of an expressway linking Mokali to N’djili international airport to facilitate traffic through the city of Kinshasa. The Roads Office not only builds grade separations but also roads with an estimated length of over 58,000 km connecting the various provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. However, according to the various complaints submitted, the authorities are focused on strengthening the work tool to allow the different brigades of this office to become autonomous. It is about setting up small civil engineering companies to facilitate the mission entrusted to this office which is to build, rehabilitate and maintain. The General Director of the Technical Control Office (BTC), Joseph Kisaka Amayi, who had monitored the work to ensure compliance with the standards, indicated that they are well executed, from start-up to completion. All that remains is to ensure that the structure meets the various loads. The population contacted on the spot said that they had a lot of trouble to endure the traffic jams, before thanking the Head of State for this brilliant initiative. ACP/

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