Ministry in charge of Finance and insurers opt for coinsurance policy

Kinshasa, June 13th, 2021 (CPA).– The Minister in charge of Finance, Nicolas Kazadi, insurers and brokers operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), have opted for the creation of a reinsurance company specific to the DRC and the adoption of a co-insurance policy, considered as two alternatives for the DRC to restore its image on the basis of insurance, indicates a statement from the Ministry of Finance received Saturday at the CPA.

The two parties have opted for both alternatives in an effort to stop the escalation of premiums in the insurance sector, in order to boost the insurance sector in the DRC.

According to the source, the director general of the National Insurance Company (SONAS), Bonyeme Ekofo Lucien congratulated the Minister of Finance for raising the problem of premium evasion through the actions of some insurers. He indicated that strategies are being refined by the insurance regulatory authority, in order to significantly reduce this escape which has taken up residence, in full view of all without binding measures. The development of the insurance market being a priority for the Congolese government, it will be a question for all stakeholders to work collegially and without duplicity to achieve tangible results.

“Moreover, the problem of evaded premiums can only be resolved if the authority of the State is imposed by scrupulously respecting and enforcing the insurance code which regulates this sector, the emergence of which is not the cause. object of any doubt, ”added the director general of Sonas.

It was in this context that he revealed the proposal made by the Minister of Finance to insurers to create suitable products that can help crystallize the real development of insurance in the DRC.

The proposal to set up a priori as well as a posteriori of a special unit for insurance monitoring as a sine qua non, in order to force policyholders to comply was desired during the meeting between the Minister in charge of Finance, Nicolas Kazadi and the insurers.

According to the Minister in charge of Finance, everything must be done in order to mobilize public revenue in all sectors. ACP/

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