The Minister of State in charge of ITP calls on each service to play its part

Kinshasa, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).– The Minister of State in charge of Infrastructure and Public Works, Alexis Gisaro Muvunyi, called on the heads of services under his supervision to each play their part to contribute to the construction of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He made this appeal Thursday on the occasion of his visit to the Technical Control Office (BTC) thus ending his tour, which began on May 24 in all the services under the supervision of his ministry.

In the latter service, the BTC, which is responsible for checking the compliance of works with civil engineering standards, prices and materials used in the construction of said works, Minister of State Gisaro deplored its under-use with regard to of the building assigned to them by the government.

To this end, he promised to get involved so that the BTC and its staff can find a good working environment to fulfill the mission entrusted to him by the government that of remaining the eye of the government in all works financed with funds. own or by donors. « I would like to see the BTC play its full role in shedding light on how the work is done and making proposals to the ministry on what to be done and paid to the contracting companies, » Gisaro said in substance.

BTC General Manager Joseph Kisaka, who considered the visit of the Minister of State as a father to his children, took the opportunity to present the difficulties associated with the small size of the building that houses his services. He noted that the investment budget he requested for this purpose has been delayed since last year. « Within the framework of the social distancing recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as reinforced by the President of the Republic Head of State, it is practically difficult to practice that at BTC », lamented Joseph Kisaka before noting the glaring lack of materials for control.

 It should be noted that the BTC is currently an abandoned child of the government as it has never experienced a material endowment since its inception. This lack of tools still affects the quality and time of control, as it still performs manual control of sample collection for the laboratory when the technology has already evolved.

Mr. Gisaro ends the visit of the companies on a note of satisfaction


The Minister of State in charge of Infrastructure and Public Works, Alexis Gisaro, expressed satisfaction with the way in which the various companies and various services under his supervision operate despite the material and financial difficulties they face.

From the Roads and Drainage Office (OVD) to the Technical Control Office (BTC), via the Roads Office (OR), the Infrastructure Unit, the Congolese Agency for Major Works (ACGT) and the Office of land use planning and town planning studies (BEAU), Minister Gisaro is imbued with the state in which they are located.

He appreciated the quality and quantity of equipment available for the OVD and ACGT on the one hand and deplored the glaring lack of equipment at the Roads Office, the Technical Control Office and the Planning Studies Office and town planning. In addition to the material aspect, the Minister of State also took note of the progress of the work included in the various programs, in particular Tshilejilu and the development of the city of Kinshasa within the framework of the hundred days of the Chief of the state.

To this end, he indicated that he is leaving the office to work and call on the people to witness the realization of their concerns, as summed up in the slogan « the people first ». However, he regretted the acts of vandalism perpetrated on certain structures by the beneficiary population, before calling on their protection for them and for future generations.

The inventory of services and companies will allow the Minister of State to get an idea of ​​what he can undertake during his mandate at the head of the ministry and print as a line of conduct to the various leaders in the ‘accomplishment of their tasks. ACP/

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