UFF party youth welcome the election of Constantin Mbengele as head of the National Assembly’s « ERNT » commission

Kinshasa, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).– The young people of the political party « Union fait la force » (UFF), welcomed, on Friday, the election of their national president, Constantin Mbengele Thamuk Kwete at the head of the Environment, resources commission Natural Resources, Tourism and Sustainable Development (ERNT) of the National Assembly, said its secretary general, Junior Bakokela, during an interview with the CPA

According to him, « The man never ceases to amaze us, for us this election is sufficient proof of the competence, consistency and responsible common sense of a person dedicated to serving his country. We wish him good luck in this new and heavy task entrusted to him by his peers for the development of our country ”.

The same reactions of satisfaction were recorded in his electoral stronghold of Mweka, in the province of Kasai, he said, specifying that the election of the elected representative of Mweka to the ENRT commission took place at the end. of the plenary session of the lower house of Parliament on June 10, led by its president, Christophe Mboso Kodia, it is recalled. ACP

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