Determination of the NGO « Feminine Youth » to get girls out of begging

Kinshasa, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The founder of the NGO «  Youth feminine  », Laurel Sosongo reiterated Friday during an exchange with the CPA desk, on the sidelines of the June 15 celebration of the Day of the African child, its determination to support girls and vulnerable women to come out of begging in order to be able to take charge of themselves and contribute to the national development process.

Ms. Sosongo pointed out that the values ​​of empowerment, emancipation and parity recommended for women aim to guarantee their peaceful coexistence and competitiveness in the accomplishment of certain tasks at the level of high decision-making bodies in order to prepare young people under his supervision to highlight the global vision of “Gender”.

 Among the areas, she said, which initiates girls and women in difficult situations, before raising functional literacy for the category of illiterates, training during which, in addition to learning to read and learn calculation, a manual trade is added to it.

 For the other categories, she teaches in culinary art, pastry making and leadership, she said to also point out the organization of days of reflection on hot topics of the day in order to put her learners on the page of the development of the country, the continent and the world in all areas. Sports activities are programmed to give a full education to vulnerable people. ACP/

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