Kasumbalesa: NGO / PROEFEM calls on parents to double their vigilance against child kidnapping

Kasumbalesa, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- The coordinator of the Non-Governmental Organization for the Protection of Children and Women, Ms. Marie-Pierre Caroline Dalila, during an interview with the CPA on Friday, called on parents to double their vigilance to deal with the child kidnapping phenomenon that has become commonplace in Kasumbalesa in Haut-Katanga province.

She revealed that her organization registered around 10 complaints from parents in Kasumbalesa last month looking for their missing children. These kidnappers use the ruse to achieve their objective by offering small gifts to the children, before asking them for services such as « show me at such uncle’s house », go buy me such and such an object, I am sent to pick you up « .

Kidnapped 18-year-old girl in Kasumbalesa, found unconscious 72 hours later on Mokambo road

In addition, Ms. Dalila was indignant at the unfortunate situation that occurred to an 18-year-old girl living in Kasumbalesa, whose identity she did not reveal to the CPA, who was kidnapped recently around 4 p.m. Golf district in the same city when she was looking for credit for her phone by two strangers in street clothes. After 72 hours, the latter was found unconscious Wednesday by passers-by more than ten km on the Mokambo road, half dressed with blood everywhere and unable to give her address. After appropriate care, she is placed under the supervision of the NGO / PROEFEM throughout the period of her treatment. In the meantime, investigations are open to try to elucidate the operating mode of this network.

For the denunciation of the alleged kidnappers of children in Kasumbalesa

Faced with this situation, the NGO “Protection of Children and Women” urged the population of the city of Kasumbalesa to denounce anyone suspected of being involved in this phenomenon which has become very worrying for thousands of people. Mrs. Dalila also thanked the town hall of Kasumbalesa for its involvement and support given to its organization in the care of victims. ACP/

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