264 displaced people from Goma return to their towns

Bukavu, June 13th, 2021 (CPA) .- The provincial government of South Kivu facilitated, last week, the return of 264 displaced people from Goma, to their town, in North Kivu.

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs in South Kivu, Cosmos Kusimwa Bishisha, who provided the information, claimed to have accompanied the victims of the ADI-Kivu reception center in Kavumu, in the territory of Kabare, to the port. Emmanuel in Bukavu, to ensure their boat and their departure for Goma.

Minister Cosmos Kusimwa further affirmed that the provincial government of South Kivu provided these displaced persons, in addition to transport costs, with bags of rice, cans of oil, soaps and an envelope, in in order to ensure them the best conditions of survival upon their arrival.

Apart from this group, he said, the victims who are in host families will also be brought back, under the same conditions, to the capital of North Kivu by the provincial government of South- Kivu.

The city of Bukavu has hosted, since May 22nd, 2021, a large number of displaced people from Goma, North Kivu in search of protection against the threats of the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano and earthquakes, it is recalled. ACP/

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