Ituri: the ESU Minister against the theft of the UNIBU concession

Bunia, August 24th, 2021 (CPA). – The Minister of Higher and University Education (ESU), Muhindo Nzangi, on Sunday reassured the students of the University of Bunia (UNIBU) that no centimeter of the concession housing the central campus of this public university will not be looted by a third person, following a series of meetings with the teaching staff as well as the student delegation.

« I take this opportunity to tell the local trader, pseudo-owner of the UNIBU concession that we are not joking with state property. Under my reign, no inch of UNIBU will be stolen,”he warned.

In addition, the Minister of ESU announced the resumption of academic activities at UNIBU, from Monday, August 23rd, 2021, after several days of paralysis, the result of the agreement he obtained from both the teaching staff and students.

He disagreed with the attitude of some irresponsible UNIBU students, who vandalized the rector’s office where some valuables were taken away, broken or set on fire, despite the drop in academic fees, on decision of his ministry.

 “We cannot behave at the university like the CODECO militiamen because the student environment is different from the bush. At university, you come to learn, acquire new theoretical and practical knowledge and have good character. Strikes are authorized, but breakages are prohibited. It will be pointless to build the UNIBU according to the project of the Head of State, Felix Tshisekedi, if the mentality of destroying persists, « said the mi, ister of the ESU.

The non-mechanization of teachers, a big problem at UNIBU

In addition, Minister Muhindo Nzangi pointed out that the biggest problem of UNIBU is the non-mechanization of the teachers of this alma mater, which is why, he said, they are mainly paid by the fees of studies, while it is a public institution whose teachers should be supported by the Congolese state.

He informed the faculty that this issue is already resolved, as his ministry has referred it to Prime Minister Sama Lukonde as well as to the Minister of State in charge of Budget, Aimé Boji. ACP/

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