US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State reiterates her country’s support for human rights and democracy in the DRC

Kinshasa, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The acting Assistant Secretary of State of the United States in charge of the office of democracy, human rights, and labor, Lisa Peterson, reiterates her country’s support for the DRC in the areas of its sector, at the end of the four-day visit to Kinshasa, the CPA learned on Friday from the press release from the State Department’s office in matters of communication.

The acting Assistant Secretary of State of the United States and her Congolese counterparts agreed that impunity must be put to an urgent end, before discussing the support of the United States for legislative reforms aimed at protecting the freedom of expression, access to the law on public information and the decriminalization of press offenses.

Regarding the state of siege in the east of the country, she encouraged him because it highlights the crucial need to strengthen the protection of Congolese citizens.

The US delegation discussed in Parliament important legislative initiatives such as the new anti-trafficking law, the recently passed INEC law, and the law granting protections to indigenous peoples.

Lisa Peterson’s working visit to Kinshasa aimed to strengthen the partnership with the DRC in order to promote respect for human rights, democracy and the fight against corruption, within the framework of the privileged bilateral partnership for peace and the democracy.

The acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State impressed

Lisa Peterson said she was impressed by the tangible change taking place in the DRC, through a clear opening of the political space and the serious commitment of the Government to improve human rights, before adding that « However, there is still more progress to be made ».

This is why, notes the head of the American delegation, the United States is committed to increasing cooperation to address persistent concerns relating to press freedom, child labor and gender equality.

Lisa Peterson, accompanied by Ambassador Mike Hammer and other American officials, met in turn with the National Assembly, particularly President Christophe Mboso, the Prime Minister, Jean Michel Sama Lukonde, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and the Ministers of Human Rights and Defense.

Officials from the PNC, CENCO, ECC, civil society as well as the opponent Martin Fayulu were also on the list of interlocutors of the acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the United States. ACP/

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