About fifty « kuluna » delinquents from Kikwit transferred to Kaniama Kasese

Kikwit, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).- About fifty delinquents commonly known as « Kuluna » from Kikwit were transferred Wednesday to Kaniama Kasese in greater Katanga via Kinahsasa, the CPA observed during a ceremony which took place on Wednesday. held at the Ebeya camp in the municipality of Kazamba in the presence of the mayor of the city Léonard Mutangu Katonga, the urban security committee and the military and police authorities.

In his word for the occasion before embarking on the trip, Mr. Léonard Mutangu Katonga, mayor of the city of Kikwit underlined that this operation to transfer these delinquents to Kaniama Kasese, responds to the concerns of the Head of State who keeps them back by giving them one last chance to learn a trade.

In this regard, he called on parents to provide good supervision for their children, while urging young people to end this practice of looting peaceful people.

These « kuluna » were arrested as part of Operation « Kinkokoto » initiated by the 11th Military Region to put an end to acts of banditry causing the death of innocent people, it is recalled. ACP/

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