Ituri: The senior military auditor requires five years of SPP against three defendants for attempting to participate in an insurrectional movement

Bunia, June 5th, 2021(CPA).- The senior military auditor of the second chamber of the military court of the former Orientale province requested the sentence of five years of main penal servitude (SPP) each against three defendants prosecuted for « attempting to participate in an insurrectional movement », during the fairground hearing organized at the central prison of Bunia at the level of appeal.

Taking up the work of the first judge, the public prosecutor informed the members of the composition of the court that the defendant Kombe Kisangani, considered to be the leader of this group, has set up the resistance movement for the dignity of the Congolese ( MRDC) with the aim of destabilizing the institutions of the Republic from the east of the country, precisely in the territory of Aru. In order to materialize his macabre project, noted the body of law, the defendant Kombe Kisangani on the one hand recruited Mbusa Murangi and Emmanuel Bahati journalist of his state, and on the other was equipped an action plan, a mapping of places targeted for attacks, a document on the state of need addressed to their donor located on the other side of the country for the acquisition of 47 AK47, PKM weapons, revolvers, Snipers and munitions of war. Speaking, the defense considered that the motivation of the first judge is « wrong », reason why he requested the court to acquit his clients.

Long before the body of law demanded the 8-year sentence of SPP against an element of the FARDC prosecuted for « attempted armed robbery ». This second chamber chaired by Major Magistrate Michel Pumbulu, after examining nearly twenty cases, took these cases under advisement before delivering its judgment, it is pointed out. ACP/


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