SUD-KIVU: civil society in Kabare against the exorbitant payment of school fees

Bukavu, June 5th, 2021(CPA).- The civil society sub-core of Kabare has expressed its dissatisfaction with the demand for overpayment of school fees to parents of students by school officials in Kabare. The president of this citizen structure, Emmanuel Bengehya blasted the fact that several students miss lessons following this situation which is frequent in the schools of the educational province of Kabare 1 and 2. He said that this situation goes against the provincial decree no 20/078 of 05 November 2020 fixing the school fees for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, which is violated in its articles 6 and 7 stipulating that these fees amount to 20,000FC and 25,000FC per quarter within the province, unlike what happens in the field where children pay 40,000FC and 50,000FC per quarter, amounts provided only for the city of Bukavu. Emmanuel Bengehya called for sanctions against these school officials who flout the law by holding exorbitant school fees to ransom parents of students in the interior of the province. ACP/

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