The academic and scientific bodies of UNIKIN trained in supervising students

Lubumbashi, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).– The academic and scientific bodies of the University of Lubumbashi (UNIKIN) were trained in the methods of supervising learners, during the pedagogical day held on Tuesday for them to upgrade.

Professor Albert Mwembo, who led one of the sessions of this day, in his presentation, evoked the course of research on the work of writing the thesis and that of the thesis.

 He, on this occasion, recalled the steps to follow to arrive at the production of a research, in particular to have a theme, a subject, a project and to be equipped with the data before carrying out analyzes and the dissemination of the results.

Prof. Edouard Ipo Abelela, for his part, underlined that the promoters must be in good relation with their doctoral students and also have the remarkable scientific and moral qualities to help the learner in his procedures and research.

Prof. Mujinya Basile, for his part, hammered on the production of an original thesis which consists in avoiding plagiarism by putting the sources of ideas and developing their own arguments.

 The heads of work and assistants were also trained in the methods to be put into practice to write the DEA thesis or doctoral thesis within a period of time according to the required standards.

The rector of the University of Lubumbashi, Prof. Gilbert Kishiba Fitula, who closed the day, reminded researchers of the new directives contained in the instructions governing the conduct of the 2020-2021 academic year. ACP/

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