The surroundings of the Bandalungwa sports stadium sanitized as part of the « Kinshasa-Bopeto » operation

Kinshasa, June 13th, 2021 (CPA).- The Bandalungwa commune’s sanitation brigade set to work on Saturday to clean up the streets and tunnels surrounding the sports stadium of this municipality which had remained in an unhealthy state for several years, in the framework of the continuation of the operation « Kinshasa-Bopeto » in Kinshasa.

Approached by the CPA, the burgomaster of the commune of Bandalungwa Thierry Baylon Gaibene specified that his administration has chosen to maintain this place, in perspective of the imminent resumption of the construction work of this infrastructure long awaited by the youth of his commune. .

He deplored the little responsible and patriotic behavior of certain inhabitants who do nothing but pollute this area with waste of all kinds, thus promising to soon appoint a police team to dissuade these inciviques.

The municipal authority has also invited its citizens to make the maintenance and protection of the environment a way of life and especially to advise against all those who continue to throw household garbage in inappropriate places, regardless of the consequences. unfortunate about their behavior.

No to noise pollution from churches and bars

 In addition, the mayor Thierry Bailon Gaibene reminded his citizens of the measures of the City Hall of Kinshasa in vigieur, against the nuisance and noise pollution across the capital, by churches, bar owners, etc., with a view to allow people to live in peace.

 It is the same for the prohibition of the presence of pirate garages which are also to be integrated into the lot of factors of increased insalubrity and the destruction of the image of the capital. added.

The municipal authority has also made its citizens aware of the respect of barrier gestures against the spread of COVID-19, which is currently in its third wave, citing, among other things, the compulsory wearing of masks, regular hand washing with soap and the use of hydro alcoholic gel and physical distancing.

« The third wave of the Covid 19 pandemic is very virulent, we recommend that you go quickly to the health zone for better medical care » he declared. ACP/

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