Two bridges inaugurated in Bandundu

Bandundu, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The provincial minister in charge of communication and media and spokesperson for the government of Kwilu, Me. Zéphirin Muma on Tuesday inaugurated 2 bridges located on Wamba avenue in the commune of Mayoyo, in the region. place in the province of Kwilu.

Minister Muma indicated that these works were carried out on the financing of the central government through the FONER, within the framework of the infrastructure component of the government program, specifying that these achievements were the result of the advocacy of the provincial government with the central government, the work was carried out by the Roads and Drainage Office (OVD).

According to the provincial director of the OVD / Kwilu, Bruno Nsimba, other construction works are being carried out through this entity on the same financing without raising the overall cost, calling on this occasion, the users of these works to maintain them. ACP/

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