Uncontrolled FARDC element fires point blank at man in Kailo

Kailo, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).– An uncontrolled element of the FARDC working at the Kindu military auditorium, on duty Wednesday in the Makola group, Wasongola sector, fired point blank at a person not concerned by the object of its mission of arresting defendants accused of debts and unfulfilled commitments, learned the CPA from local civil society.

According to the source, the only fatal fault of the victim who received four (4) bullets, including two in the broken legs, was to have tried to make the team of armed men see that the debt problem had nothing to do with the military prosecutor’s office in an environment where there is a police station.

The victim is being interned in the Kindu military garrison hospital for proper treatment, the source added. ACP/

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