CFJKIM: Legacy of Don Gaël’s test on Sunday at the junior championship

Kinshasa, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The RC Héritage will be at the AC Don Gaël test, Sunday at the Saint Paul field, in the town of Kimbanseke, in a match of the 37th day of the Cercle de Kimbanseke youth football (CFJKIM).

In the second meeting, FC Marcil de Talang will face FC Tété Sport, where AC Kimbanseke will stand in the way of AS Les Vainqueurs. At the ANAPECO field (National Association of Parents of Congo), in the same municipality, AS Mande Sport will rub shoulders with AS Benelux.

Hereafter the other matches of the 37th day: Saint Paul field, in Kimbanseke: Don Guylain-Matele Sport, Victoire de Kingasani-Saint Denis.

Kin’s winner grabs Mateta on Saturday at the Cadets

Among the cadets, FC Winner de Kin will clash with AS Mateta on Saturday at Saint Paul’s pitch in Kimbanseke, in a late match of the 19th day. In the second match, FC Lipamboli will battle it out with RC Héritage.

At the ANAPECO (National Association of Parents of Congo) field, AS Mata Sport will cross swords with AS Les Vainqueurs, while AS Mande Sport will face the event of AC Victoire de Kingasani.

The grid for other matches for the same day is as follows: CETA field(Airborne Troop Training Center), in N’sele: Mikonga-Benelux; Saint Paul field, in Kimbanseke: Don Gaël-Matele Sport. ACP/

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