Forest protection in the DRC and Brazil mentioned to the Ministry in charge of the Environment

Kinshasa, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Eve Bazaiba discussed with the Brazilian Ambassador to the DRC, Paulo Uchoa Ribeiro Filho, on the protection of forests and sustainable development in the two countries within the framework of their bilateral interests, during a hearing she granted him Thursday in her office.

At the end of this hearing, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Brazil in the Democratic Republic of the Congo indicated that his country, which occupies the 5th place in the world by its surface area, the northern part of which is covered by the Amazon forest with the largest reserve of about a tenth of the world’s living species, intends to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the two countries in the environmental fields.

In addition, in anticipation of the conference on the issue of the climate that is looming on the horizon, the Brazilian diplomat indicated that today’s discussions with the responsible for the environment in the DRC are very crucial in order to analyze in what measure to intensify forest protection for the bilateral interests of two countries. ACP/

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