The students of CS Bisengo denounce the embezzlement of public funds in the theatrical play « OVD »

Kinshasa June 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The students of the Bisengo school complex played Thursday a play entitled « OVD », in which they denounce the embezzlement of funds to the detriment of infrastructure projects, on the occasion of the 35th edition of the Festival « Congolese Theater Days for and by Children and Youth » (JOUCOTEJ), in the town of Nd’jili.

According to its author and director, Kessy Apendeki Ibrahimu, this play « OVD » has been recorded and broadcast in a digital format to comply with the measures in force against the spread of the 3rd wave of COVID-19.

This piece describes according to him, the portrait of a chief profiting for his personal ends of the public funds which can be used by the agents committed to the service of sweeping and unblocking of the gutters of the main arteries of the city. Thus, the latter are forced to beg here and there to be able to find something to eat on a break following all these financial embezzlements.

 Organized on the sidelines of the International Day of the African Child, this JOUCOTEJ 2021 edition aims to initiate and promote children in theatrical art.

As a reminder, « La JOUCOTEJ » a festival created in 1987 by the company « Théâtre des Intrigants », as a framework for bringing together companies from all over the DRDC to offer shows led by young people, for schools. ACP/

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