Jean-Marie Kalumba is imbued with the causes of the exaggerated prices of frozen products on the market

Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).– The Minister of the National Economy, Jean-Marie Kalumba Yuma, chaired Thursday in Kinshasa, in his office, a meeting for the officials of the « Congolaise des routes maritimes » (CVM), the Congolese Maritime Lines (LMC) and the General Directorate of Migration (DGM), in order to know the causes of the exaggeration of the prices of frozen products on the market, the CPA learned on Friday from the Ministry of ‘National economy.

According to the source, during this working session, the officials of these companies and state utilities declined any responsibility for the overloading of the price structure of these products. They have on occasion rejected the data provided by economic operators implicating them in this situation, to justify the exaggeration of the prices of consumer foodstuffs on the market.

“This is cheating on the part of the importers; we do not charge for the goods, but the tonnages therefore the cargo. Our invoices do not fit into the price structure, « CVM Managing Director Christine Tusse Daumbo said.

She indicated that her company does not agree with this assessment of importers, as it only invoices the vessel and not the merchandise. She said she did not understand how her service fits into the price structure of the products. According to her, CVM should only be included in cost, freight and insurance.

Mr. Jean Claude Mukendi Miya, Deputy Director General of LMC, for his part affirmed that his company is a carrier to which the Congolese State has retroceded the right of maritime traffic, before revealing that this duty is levied on freight maritime and does not enter into the price structure.

He added that the freight which concerns the navigator and the external carrier has no impact on Congolese economic operators.

The officials of the 3 services, who exchanged views with the Minister of National Economy, unanimously rejected the thesis according to which they collect tax on goods, and say they are surprised to see certain sections implicating them in the price structures provided to Minister Jean-Marie Kalumba by certain importers.

This meeting, the source informs, follows the recommendations of the 9th Council of Ministers in which, it was recommended the rationalization of Para fiscal levies in the price structure of basic consumer products.

As a reminder, the Minister of National Economy Jean Marie Kalumba Yuma has made « fair prices » his hobbyhorse. It was in this context that he initiated a series of exchanges of views with economic operators, under the terms of which he carried out a service mission with a group of experts in Namibia. Which mission revealed at least 36 (thirty-six) non-incorporable elements in the price structure. ACP/

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