The difficulties of SAKIMA SA submitted to the Minister of State for the Portfolio

Kinshasa, May 23th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister of State, Minister of the Portfolio, Adèle Kayinda Mahina, exchanged views on Friday, May 21 with the director general of the gold company of Kivu and Maniema (SAKIMA SA), Faithful Basemenane Kasongo, who came to explain to him the difficulties that his company is encountering, learned on Saturday from the CPA of the Portfolio Ministry. « It was a question of first presenting the courtesies to the Minister of State Adèle Kayinda Mahina, for her appointment as head of the Ministry of Portfolios, then of making her the inventory of the company and obtaining her support at the given the difficulties we are encountering. The Minister has promised to accompany us. To do this, she asked us to send her a detailed report. We also raised the issue related to the relaunching of the company and our potential which presents itself with enough deposits which are not too well exploited”, declared to the press the general manager. Regarding their collaboration with the National Electricity Company (SNEL) which is in danger, the CEO of SAKIMA SA suggested that the talks should continue under the mediation of the Minister of Portfolio, in order to revisit certain articles of the contract who both company. “Our boss, who is the portfolio ministry, is going to arbitrate us. It is true that we must relaunch the activities of this plant, it is true that we need the means. If SNEL cannot give us electricity, we have to find partners, we have to sell. So SNEL has as many dams to sell electricity. If it does not manage to pay us well, we should be able to recover by force, otherwise we can terminate and sell by ourselves as long as the energy sector is liberalized”, concluded Mr. Basemenane. ACP/

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