A new project aimed at strengthening the gender vision developed by CONAFED

Kinshasa, April 10th, 2021 (CPA) .- The permanent secretary of the National Women and Development Committee (CONAFED), Jeanne Nzuzi, announced Friday during an interview with the CPA at the headquarters of this organization located in the town of Gombe , the development of a new project intended to strengthen the balance between men and women at work. According to Ms. Nzuzi, the overall objective of this project is to ensure the economic empowerment of women by supporting some of their income-generating activities. According to her, this project benefits from the support of the international NGO Diakonia of Sweden, which supports it in the context of the realization of CONAFED’s philosophy, which consists of seeking to open up homes, businesses, associations, churches and public life with a  » Gender  » approach so that the latter integrate it and manage to create a society where men and women share the tasks equitably.

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