Holding in Kinshasa of a workshop called « Batela lobi na yo » for the benefit of young people

Kinshasa, August 24th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister in charge of Youth, National Cohesion and Initiation to New Citizenship, Yves Bunkulu, opened, Saturday, at Beatrice Hotel in the town of Gombe, the information workshop and preparation of the Congolese youth program called « Batela lobi na yo » (Aménage ton futur), with a view to contributing to the establishment of a framework favorable to the promotion and creation of decent jobs for young Congolese men and women.

This workshop is under the main theme: « Access to employment, promotion of civic education, agriculture and innovation-driven entrepreneurship and others ».

According to Minister Yves Bunkulu, the « Batela lobi nayo » program is a project that is part of the implementation of the « Youthconnekt » initiative, a program supported by the UNDP office in the DRC.

The objective of this program is to contribute to the creation of a favorable framework for young people, with a view to guaranteeing their socio-economic integration, their participation in the work of community recovery, reconciliation and national cohesion, as well as the consolidation of peace in the DRC

This program, which is a new perceptive of the update of the Youthconneck program, will be developed according to the axes and specific needs of young people, throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It will end in 2022, it is reported. ACP/

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