The Bishop of Bunia supports the Government’s action and invites negative groups to lay down their arms

Bunia, August 24th, 2021 (CPA).- The Bishop of Bunia, Bishop Dieudonné Uringi, received in audience Sunday by the Prime Minister, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, said he was satisfied with the Government’s action during the ‘state of siege.

 He also urged the population and especially the armed groups, still active in Ituri province, to lay down their arms in order to promote peace.

“We can only first say thank you to His Excellency the Prime Minister, who came to us in Ituri, in Bunia, to console and encourage us. We discussed the state of siege from here and the result that everyone is waiting for. Already at the provincial level, the authorities are still trying to raise awareness in order to lay down arms, resume normal life of peace. But we really want us to put an end to the armed groups that we have here, in particular CODECO, Tshinya Kilima, FRPI ”, declared Bishop Dieudonné Uringi, at the end of the audience.

The Prelate added that the Government and the military must do what is their duty. It is evolving positively, he continued, adding that they have to continue, because we cannot support for very long people, groups who are killing the innocent population.

Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde stayed Saturday and Sunday in Bunia, in the province of Ituri, where he carried out a humanitarian and security mission in the context of the state of siege, it is recalled. ACP/

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