Ituri officials plead for government consideration of their specifications

Kinshasa, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Samy Adubango, exchanged Thursday, in his office, with a delegation of officials from the province of Ituri, who came to seek his involvement in the taking into account by the government of the concerns contained in their specifications.

These officials who are staying in Kinshasa, as part of an official mission, requested the intervention of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Samy Adubango Awotho in his capacity as notable and representative of their province in the government of the Republic.

They took the opportunity to offer him their sincere courtesies and congratulations on his appointment to the government before submitting to him the specifications of the agents and civil servants of the State of Ituri.

« We also came to give him all our support and the support of the base, because he is the only representative of Ituri province in the government of the Warriors », indicated their spokesperson Kester Umirambe, adding: “But also, there are a lot of backlogged administrative files. We thought that we had to start first by giving him the economy of what we are going to do during our stay in Kinshasa, the various contacts to be made, and ask for his support because he is the one who knows all about it. in relation to the government ”.

Previously, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Samy Adubango Awotho had exchanged with the technicians of the interministerial task force newly trained within the framework of the African Trade Observatory and, by extension of the Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECAF).

The delegation is made up in particular of the heads of provincial divisions and trade unionists from the province of Ituri. ACP/

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