Lifting of immunity in the Senate: Pr Luzolo asks senators not to devote a two-tier justice

Kinshasa, May 23th, 2021 (CPA).- The former Minister of Justice, Prof. Emmanuel-Janvier Luzolo Bambi Lessa, asked senators not to devote a two-tier justice, during an interview on Saturday, with the ‘CPA, on the request for waiver of immunity in the Senate. For Professor Luzolo, anyone regardless of their rank who commits an offense must be prosecuted in order to avoid consecrating a Republic of the untouchables. In this case, he continued, when a person benefiting from a privilege of jurisdiction commits an offense, the competent judge is the one at the time of the commission of the facts even after the functions. “In the DRC, statistics on the lifting of immunities border on disaster. In fact, from 2006 to date, most requests for the lifting of immunities have not received a favorable opinion from Parliament, ”remarked Prof. Luzolo Bambi. “Without justice, there is no rule of law or better there is no state at all. And the fear of justice is the beginning of wisdom for the Congolese political class, ”he said. As for the Mapping Report, total justice responds to the following 5 pillars of transitional justice: « No peace, no reconciliation without justice, no justice without reparation, no reparation without forgiveness and no forgiveness, without truth », he said. ACP/

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