Award of diplomas endorsed by ESU to ISTM-Mbandaka laureates

Mbandaka, April 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The management committee of the Higher Institute of Medical Techniques (ISTM) / Mbandaka under the direction of Prof. Faustin Mputu Bokenga, awarded diplomas endorsed by the Minister of Higher and University Education (ESU) to the winners of the year 2020 and previous years, during a ceremony organized last Saturday within this Alma mater in Mbandaka. According to DG Mputu, the ISTM-Mbandaka as a pilot establishment of Greater Ecuador in the fields of medical and paramedical training and respectful of official instructions, has fulfilled this noble obligation, stressing that the awarding of diplomas to the laureates will allow them to be eligible for the order of nurses, for those who have completed nursing. He clarified that this higher education institution does not issue a certificate of achievement or a document called to whom it may concern, claiming that it directly issues the diplomas endorsed by the Minister of ESU to beneficiaries.

He also took this opportunity to officially hand over the notifications of appointment and promotion to the 2 members of the academic and scientific body of ISTM-Mbandaka including Ms. Bobette Matulonga, appointed and promoted to the rank of associate professor in this institution and Mr. Blaise Mputu, promoted to the rank of works manager.

He finally thanked the government of the Republic, which is represented by the Minister of ESU, for having ratified the diplomas of the students in real time and to the parents who have chosen the ISTM-Mbandaka as the training establishment for their children.

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