Four alleged thieves presented at the parade in Goma.

Goma, April 5th, 2021 (CPA).– The commander of the Congolese National Police in the city of Goma, Job Alisa Alain, presented four suspected thieves during a parade held at the General Staff located in the enclosure of the town hall of Goma. This senior PNC officer took the opportunity to congratulate the elements who participated in the arrest of these outlaws during the month of March. He thus called on all to work conscientiously, recalling that in view of the cases of harassment deplored, criminals and thieves should be properly tracked down. The police commander indicated the far-reaching actions to secure people and their property. He called on the population to be vigilant and especially to collaborate with the police to put an end to this situation of insecurity which has lasted only for a long time in the city. ACP/


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