Kasaï Central: fight against human rights violations by certain officers of the judicial police

Kananga, June 19th, 2021, (CPA).- The Attorney General at the Kasai Central Court of Appeal, Mr. Dieudonné Nkongolo Ilunga, last Tuesday welcomed the CPA to the satisfactory outcome of the efforts made by his office to fight human rights violations committed by certain officers of the judicial police (OPJ).

All resources have been put into action to go to war against, in particular, arbitrary arrests and to restore a state of rights, he noted.

For Mr. Nkongolo Ilunga, the control of the number of judicial inspectors at the prosecution has led, in Kananga, to the sidelining of those accused of incompetence due to culpable ignorance of the laws.

He promised to extend this action to all the territories of the Kasai Central province, urging the population to be vigilant in denouncing all cases of slippage to the competent judicial authority. ACP/

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