Nearly 300 disaster victims’ households forgotten in the granting of assistance to the Mugunga district in Goma

Goma, June 5th, 2021 (CPA).– About 300 households installed at the Omanda primary school, located on avenue Rushagala in the Mugunga district, about 7 km from the city center of Goma, were forgotten in the sharing of food products collected as part of assistance to victims of the recent eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano, the PCA learned Thursday from Ms. Emérence Tabu, head of the said district. These victims, she said, coming from the territory of Nyiragongo where volcanic lava had engulfed several houses, found asylum in the Mugunga district, shortly after the volcano erupted, without assistance or where to go sheltered from bad weather. As a human, Ms. Tabu said, and seeing the small children and their mothers exposed to these bad weather, she deliberately took the option of temporarily placing them in this school, while waiting for the situation to stabilize before returning to their communities respective. However, she continued, they still live in difficult conditions, especially since they have no activities to carry out in these regions, thus putting them in a delicate situation, linked above all to the crying lack of food and other basic necessities. Their problem, she pointed out, is that, the other disaster victims among others, Saké of Masisi territory and Buhene in Nyiragongo territory, already benefit from assistants from government and people of good will, while they are left to their sad fate. These victims, concluded Ms. Émérence Tabu, who need food, water and medicine, ask the authorities to come to their aid as quickly as possible, because they are already registering cases of acute weaknesses due to hunger and diseases of dirty hands in this place where they are housed for a while. ACP/

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