A school competition of the Swedish Red Cross Society and the DRC on knowledge of hygiene and health in the schools of Kingabwa

Kinshasa, June 5th, 2021 (CPA).- The provincial Red Cross of the city of Kinshasa in partnership with the Swedish Red Cross organized a school competition on Thursday as part of the Urban Disaster Risk Reduction Project , within the primary school St Kizito Wenze ya Mbila, in favor of the state schools of the districts Kingabwa Pêcheurs, Maman Nzenze and Nzadi, in the municipality of Limete. The national president of the DRC Red Cross, Grégoire Mateso, who officially launched the competition thanked the authorities of the Red Cross / DRC and those of the Swedish Red Cross, as well as the students, for their involvement in the organization of this competition. He said that this competition, focused on knowledge in hygiene and health, is first organized in three districts of the municipality of Limete, before extending to other municipalities of the capital, as and when the means of financing will be mobilized. He specified that the said project augurs the awareness of young people to natural phenomena and the discovery by these children of the techniques and tips used by the Red Cross in terms of first aid.

Proof of an advanced partnership between the DRC and Sweden

In turn, the deputy head of mission and head of cooperation at the Swedish embassy in Kinshasa, Joachim Beijimo, was delighted with the progress of this activity which proves the evolved sense of the partnership between the Red Cross of the DRC and of Sweden, in the area of ​​public hygiene awareness and disaster prevention. Mr. Jean Claude Kita, project manager informed the audience of the preliminary stages of this competition which had three phases with the theme of hand washing and natural disaster reduction. The first consisted of briefing teachers and members of the Red Cross and members of the community, on the theme of disease and flood prevention, as well as the means to guarantee public and individual hygiene, in particular cleaning. gutters, hand washing, disinfection and environmental sanitation. The second phase, for its part, concerned the sensitization of pupils to hygiene and health at school level, at the end of which, each school had to select five best pupils to represent them in the competition, while the third stage was devoted to the competition itself.

EP1 Kingabwa Wayawaya wins the competition

At the end of the competition, the EP. 1 Kingabwa Waya waya won the first trophy, followed by the EP. Kiwanuka, from EP.6 Kimbanguiste, from EP. Village Bondeko, as well as EP.1 and 2 St Kizito Wenze ya mbila. Reacting to the end of the session, the representative of the winning school, Arthur Mbangu, congratulated himself on this victory which resulted from the love, the will shown by teachers and students during its preparation. According to him, this competition was « a way for us to improve our teaching approach by involving the child in the teaching of the lesson intended for him. » The six participating schools each received a complete sanitation kit including, among other things: hand wash basins, a wheelbarrow, disinfectants, a machete, etc.

Construction of latrines for public schools in the Limete lll sub-division

 The head inspector of pool / Limete III, Johnny Pitapy, for his part, thanked the authorities of the Ministry of PTSD, on the one hand, for the sense of collaboration in the realization of this project and, on the other hand , for the support of the State in improving the study conditions of children whose enrollment rate has increased since the introduction of free basic education the implementation of free basic education basic education, before welcoming the initiative of the DRC Red Cross to provide the various public schools within its jurisdiction with latrines, in this period of the galloping spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the DRC and whose Kinshasa city remains the epicenter. ACP/

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