Signature in Lubumbashi of an asset sharing contract between SNCC and SCFUF

Lubumbashi, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The director general of the Société nationale des railways du Congo (SNCC), Fabien Mutomb Kan Kato and the deputy director general of the Uélé-rivière railway office (SCFUF) ), Jean Enyange ma Ndobo, signed on Tuesday at the SNCC’s Green show in Lubumbashi, a contract to share the assets of the defunct Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer du Zaire (SNCZ) with a holding company which was based in Kinshasa.

The two officials were delighted with the good working climate which characterized this legal formality accompanied by reciprocal exchange of documents and titles relating to the assets which were the subject of the sharing of assets between these two railway companies whose networks have a common past.

The Director General of the SNCC, Fabien Mutomb Kan Kato stressed that the two companies have only one goal, namely the improvement of the living conditions of the population in accordance with the vision of the Head of State, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo who advocates « the people first ».

The CEO of the SNCC was surrounded, during this ceremony, by his collaborators, in particular the DGA Jacques Kamenga Tshimwanga and Ms. Jeanne Luta Natshilombo, senior executive of the SNCC who also held the position of deputy director general of this company. .

Taking advantage of his stay in Lubumbashi, the Deputy Director General of the SCFUF, Jean Enyange ma Ndobo visited the New Express Diamant Béton train.

                                             A historical reminder of 1991

As a reminder, the National Railway Company of Zaire (SNCZ) had, in 1991, undergone a reform marked by the split into three entities namely the South Railway Office (OCS), the Railway Company fer de l’Est (SFE) and the Uélé-rivière railway company (SCFUF) with a holding company based in Kinshasa.

During the reunification, the SNCC had not included within it only the OCS, the SFE and the holding company, the SCFUF remained a separate entity, hence the need to share assets. ACP/

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