The « People First » Association calls for the governor of Kasai Oriental to remain in office

Mbuji-Mayi, April 5th, 2021 (CPA) .- The Association « The People First », a branch of the Union for Democracy and Progress (UDPS), demanded the maintenance of the governor of Kasai Oriental, Jean Maweja Muteba, at his post in reaction to his dismissal last Thursday by the Provincial Assembly during a plenary chaired by the president of the office of this deliberative body, Yves Mwamba Kadima. This complaint is contained in the memorandum that this association sent to the President of the Republic Félix-Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi, moral authority of the UDPS and read last Friday at the esplanade of the provincial governorate. In this document, the members of this association reiterate their attachment to the qualities embodied by the chief executive, including firmness, rigor in the face of anti-values, serenity, honesty in administrative and financial management as well as transparency. They called for the establishment of a climate of peace in this province long marginalized for decades, before paying a vibrant tribute to the Head of State for the launch of the Tshilejelu project in this part of the DRC, for the well-being of the populations of eastern Kasai. Receiving this memorandum, Governor Jean Maweja admitted to the petitioners that the action taken by the Provincial Assembly is democratic, while denouncing the procedure for his dismissal taken, he added, in haste despite of his request for a deadline. He invited them to calm and to preserve social peace, while awaiting the outcome of this case. Thus, the provincial government of Kasai Oriental is deemed to have resigned for not having encouraged the take-off of this entity where the socio-economic situation is precarious, it has been said. This decision of the Provincial Assembly, which will be served on the offender for administrative formalities, is the basis of a traffic disruption in some corners of the monumental industrial diamond capital. The five signatories of the said motion, it was reported, blamed the provincial executive for administrative acts including irregularity in the financial, administrative, customary and security management.

Reactions after the forfeiture of Jean Maweja Muteba

Reactions were recorded on Thursday and last Friday in the hemicycle of the first political institution of the province of Kasai Oriental and in the various headquarters of the political parties of the citizen structures, following the dismissal of the provincial governor Jean Maweja Muteba by the deputies meeting in plenary. Members of associative movements who had previously organized demonstrations demanding the departure of the provincial authority for lack of visibility of development actions, expressed their satisfaction at the end of the vote, alleging that the courage of the provincial deputies will promote the development take off in a province that had long been in difficulty in the various sectors.

On the other hand, some provincial deputies who did not support the procedure deplored the fact that the governor was not heard by the plenary, while he requested time for responses to the reproaches contained in the motion of no confidence. They plead for actions that can benefit the community and not selfish and partisan interests, at this time when the Head of State initiated the Sacred Union of the Nation.

In addition, groups supporting the provincial governor organized demonstrations in the streets of the city of Mbuji-Mayi, thus disrupting activities in certain sectors.

The police deployed in strategic places this Friday prevented any overflow of the demonstrators by firing tear gas. ACP/

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