The provincial government of Kasai Oriental concerned about the situation of displaced people in Kabeya Kamwanga

Mbuji-Mayi, June 13th, 2021 (CPA).- Members of the provincial government of Kasai Oriental, meeting on Friday in the Council of Ministers, under the chairmanship of Jeannette Longa Muswamba, interim governor, expressed concern about the situation of displaced people from the Central Kasai province came in migratory flow in the territory of Kabeya Kamwanga.

According to the provincial Minister in charge of the Homelanf and government spokesperson, Lazare Tshipinda Kasonga, the displaced populations estimated at 31 families including 526 people including 40 pregnant women and 126 children under 5, are fleeing the disturbances in their villages. following a land conflict.

Lazare Tshipinda Kasonga said that efforts are being made to take care of these displaced people whose humanitarian situation is very precarious. These populations come from the village of Bakwa Tshiya, Lubi sector in the Dimbelenge territory in Kasai Central and are located in the Bakwa Kashila group, in Kasai Oriental.

These displaced people fled the clashes between the Bakwa Tshiya and the Bena Mayi, all from Kasai Central, causing several houses to burn down. Firm instructions were given to the administrator of the territory of Kabeya Kamwanga to supervise these populations in distress.

The Kasai Oriental Council of Ministers also reported the presence of other displaced populations from the Bakwa Mbolela group, from Kasai central, and who arrived in Bakwa Kaboto, in Kasai Oriental (territory of Kabeya Kamwanga) following the conflicts. with their neighbors.ACP/

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