Mont Sion founded in Kalemie but based in Kolwezi

Kinshasa, June 13th, 2021 (CPA).- CS Mont Sion is a club founded in Kalemie, in the province of Tanganyika, but is currently based in Kolwezi, in the province of Lwalaba, told the CPA on Sunday. communication from this team, Etienne Kankwende.

According to Etienne Kankwende, Mont Sion is a creation of its president Erasme Mayoka, in 2015 in Kalemie. When it was born, the club joined the Kalemie Football Circle, where it won the championship. In 2016, for service reasons, Erasme Mayoka was transferred to Kolwezi, Lwalaba and did not fail to carry Mont Sion, his property, behind him, who chose to join the Kolwezi Football Circle where he finished among the top 3 of the championship.

In 2017, Mont Sion was at the start of the Kolwezi Urban Football Agreement (EUFKOL) championship and finished in 6th position, before finding himself among the top 4 of the said championship, in 2018, a year that has not seen a provincial championship.

In 2019, Mont Sion, which lands in 3rd position at the end of the local championship race, is awarded the title of the provincial championship of greater Katanga. In 2020, Mont Sion ends the season in 3rd place in the EUFKOL championship, which did not end due to the coronavirus pandemic, which also does not allow the organization of the Congo Cup. .

The following year, with its pre-pandemic status, Mont Sion recovered and, as a result, reached Ligue 2, where the team is currently playing.

According to the club’s communications officer, the name of Mont Sion refers to a well-known church in greater Katanga whose emblem is the rainbow, which has all the colors, but is often displayed in colors similar to those of V.Club, a team with which he has no connection. ACP/

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