Sanga Balende drowns Bazano at the 56th Cup of Congo football

Kinshasa, June 13th, 2021 (CPA).- SM Sanga Balende of Mbuji-Mayi drowned the JS Groupe Bazano of Lubumbashi by winning in extremis by 2-1, Sunday at the Martyrs of Pentecost stadium, in Kinshasa, in phase groups of the 56th Congo Football Cup.

The diamond city’s red and gold club opened the scoring with Omwele Zeke (17th). Bazano’s equalizer came through Cyrille Mutwale (47th from the penalty spot). In the following, Robert Wilangi (84th), in the middle of the penalty area, sends a cannonball, but the ball fails on the crossbar and saves Bazano. Game postponed because, at the following moments, Omwele Zeke (88th) returns to the charge. On an aerial ball coming from the right, the latter appears and places an unstoppable header, which gives the second advantage to Sanga Balende but drowns Groupe Bazano.

This victory of the « Banjelu ne basantu » could be saving for Saint Eloi Lupopo, who, eliminated on penalties by Mont Sion, would benefit from the status of best loser of the Center-South zone.

Mont Sion eliminates Saint Eloi Lupopo on penalties (4-2, 0-0)

CS Mont Sion from Kolwezi eliminated FC Saint Eloi Lupopo from Lubumbashi on penalties (4-2, 0-0 at the end of regulation time), Sunday at the Martyrs of Pentecost stadium, in a phase match of hens of the 56th Congo Cup.

If Norbert Kalumba, Mike Mwemba, Aldos Amisi and Jeancy Ngoma from Mont Sion were positive, Henock Kabongo saw the ball of his sendoff returned by Matampi Vumi Ley. On the side of Saint Eloi Lupopo, Jonathan Mokonzi and Kazadi Zadio succeeded in their mission, while two shots from their teammates were countered by the porter of Mont Sion Adamu Kasimu.

Africa is our goal

The chairman of the Mont Sion board of directors, Erasme Mayoka, was an eyewitness to the elimination of the giant Saint Eloi Lupopo. “Mont Sion is the representative of the League of Great Katanga. Our participation in this competition is not synonymous with any configuration. On the contrary, we are obsessed with Africa, ”he declared after the meeting. ACP/

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