70 Ango Ango school teachers receiving rapid screening for Covid – 19

Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- Seventy (70) teachers from the Ango-Ango school in the commune of Bandalungwa, benefited from a rapid screening for Covid-19 on Thursday after receiving a brief exhortation from the by Mr. Patrick Onema, Permanent Secretary in charge of Projects of the National Solidarity Fund against Covid-19 (FNSCC).

Mr. Onema underlined the merits of this screening which facilitates the management of infected people, far from any specific imagination of the rapid test.

This screening has no side effects, he said, before specifying that the FNSCC does not screen, but supports authorized hospital training, which is why this activity also fits in with its mission, which is to research and raise funds that will help the country support patients and health workers.

This structure strives to support the Democratic Republic of the Congo in its fight for the eradication of Covid-19 throughout the national territory.

“We really enjoyed this raid by the Covid-19 screening team as we are in front of other children’s children. It was quite normal for the teachers to know their state of health in order to avoid the contamination of the pupils”, declared the prefect of studies of the Ango Ango Institute, Mr. Maurice Kabamba Kibasa, before inviting his colleagues to follow suit to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

Indeed, this activity falls within the line of intervention of the FNSCC by raising public awareness of this pandemic in order to avoid its chain of contamination.

Among the seventy agents of this school tested by the medical biologist of the Vijana Center, Patricya Loto, isolated cases have been recorded and will be referred to the health zones closest to their homes for adequate care.

These screening activities, we learned, were also organized last week at the Tobongisa high school at the modern institute of Ngaliema in the commune which bears the same name and where a few positive cases have been recorded.

It should be noted that these rapid Covid-19 tests are donations that the Korean firm « Bio Sensa » gave to the FNSCC at the rate of 1,000 rapid tests distributed in 17 hospitals in the city-province of Kinshasa in the occurrence, the Libikisi health center, the Vijana center, the Sino-Congolese friendship hospital, the N’Djili referral hospital and others. ACP/

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