The ONGDH of Kasai Oriental invite the provincial government to respect the tax nomenclature

Mbuji-Mayi, June 13th, 2021 (CPA).- The organizations for the defense of human rights (ONGDH) of Kasai-Oriental, invited the provincial government to refer to the nomenclature of taxes provided for by the law on Finance public, in the mobilization and maximization of local revenues during a weekly exchange meeting, organized at the headquarters of Civil Society (SOCIKOR), said on Saturday to the CPA, Ms. Rose Mbuyi Kanku, president of the platform -form.

During this meeting, it was a question of assessing the human rights situation in this part of the DRC, as well as the controversial subject of the tax to be paid by the funeral procession at the toll points in the exception of the hearse, which the participants in the meeting deemed illegal, despite the fact that the decision was revoked by the ad-interim provincial authority.

While welcoming the measure of the provincial governor to postpone this decision taken by the provincial Minister in charge of Finance, the structures of civil society recommend that the provincial financial authority mobilize revenue in strict compliance with the laws by avoiding creating any. others of a nature to disturb social peace.

Rose Mbuyi took this opportunity to invite her fellow human rights activists to properly monitor and document each case in order to publish an objective report for the sake of the cause.ACP/

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