A message of hope from Prime Minister Sama Lukonde to the people of Beni

Beni, August 24th, 2021 (CPA).- Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, who arrived Monday in Beni, in the province of North Kivu, from Bunia, sent a message of hope to the entire population of this part of the country, from the rural commune of Oïcha, from where he started with his activities.

Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde consulted several layers of the population as well as civil society organizations in this entity of Oïcha, considered as the epicenter of the massacres.

 « I came to Beni for two missions: to take stock of the security situation and assess the result of the state of siege, in order to consolidate its achievements and take exceptional decisions, to achieve lasting peace », declared the Prime Minister, adding that his main objective in Beni is « to realize the humanitarian situation which prevails in this region where the populations are victims of the atrocities of the massacres perpetrated by the ADF rebels as well as other active armed groups. in region ”.

After his consultations, Sama Lukonde comforted thousands of displaced people stationed in the Oïcha site, by distributing a large batch of food and not food.

Other similar activities are planned for Tuesday in Beni / town where he went on Monday evening, it is reported.

Previously, the head of government indicated, Saturday in Bunia that his mission in the capital of Ituri had two (2) objectives, namely, to follow up on the decisions taken following the state of siege, during the visit of the Head of State in June 2021, the second being of a humanitarian nature.

He also reassured that his presence is an eloquent testimony of the solidarity of the government of the Republic to the population and, in particular, to the internally displaced persons who live in the sites and host families, it is recalled.

A strong team of members of the central government accompanies the Prime Minister in this important mission.

The Prime Minister at the bedside of the war wounded in Bunia

Prime Minister Sama Lukonde, speaking to the national and international press on Monday at the end of his 48-hour mission in Bunia, declared, after visiting the war-wounded of Kobu, in the territory of Djugu, that he led this mission in Ituri under the leadership of the Head of State, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, whose main purpose was to assess the state of siege, in an essentially humanitarian context.

“Many security-related meetings have been organized, particularly in connection with military operations on the ground. I met in turn the national deputies, the civil society, the FEC, the Provincial Authority, the religious confessions, to give him the information in order to sensitize the population by accompanying the government of the Republic, during this period of the state of siege. I spoke a lot with the military and police authorities, with a view to strengthening security in Ituri, to reassure the population, « he summed up.

The Head of the National Executive also visited the new Bunia stadium under construction, located in the Kindia district, whose work nearing completion has been delayed, before revisiting the valiant war-wounded soldiers interned at the pavilion. member of the General Reference Hospital in Bunia.

Sama Lukonde took the time to talk to these brave FARDC elements, encourage them and listen to their grievances in order to find solutions.

On the spot, the Prime Minister gave each injured the tracksuit, while awaiting the payment of arrears of their balances estimated at two months, according to the claims raised by some of them.

For the Head of Government of the DRC, his major concern is to help the displaced to return to their places of origin, by securing their regions under permanent threat from armed groups, he said.

Sama Lukonde is the second head of government to visit Ituri, twelve years after Honorary Prime Minister Adolphe Muzito arrived in Bunia in 2009, it is recalled. ACP/

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