The Notre-Dame du Bon Secours school complex in Bibwa with drinking water and appropriate latrines

Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The management of the Notre-Dame du Bon Secours school complex in Bibwa, in the town of N’sele, officially received the keys to its new hygienic and drinking water facilities on Thursday. , during a ceremony organized in the grounds of this school, in Kinshasa.

Speaking on this occasion, the director of the primary school of this Catholic approved school, Albert Mbuta Bokeme, thanked UNICEF and the NGO “Water supply program for villages” (PAEV), for to have contributed effectively to the construction of these works which come to relieve this school, remained more than 20 years, without drinking water, nor appropriate latrines.

He took the opportunity to appeal to partners and politico-administrative authorities to come to their aid in building the school fence.

He was joined in his request by the pupil Matezola who deplored the insecurity in which the pupils study following the exposure of their school in the open air. The director of PAEV, Victor Muliele, for his part, recognized that things were not easy following the many challenges that had to be overcome to make this project a reality for which it was necessary at all costs to start somewhere, a- he stressed.

He then called on the beneficiaries of these books, namely the students, teachers and parents represented by the president of the parents’ committee, Arsène Langwas, to make good use of them, before thanking the provincial inspection of the EPST for Kinshasa East and UNICEF for their fruitful cooperation which led to this palpable result.

For his part, the head of the educational sub-province of EPST de N’sele II, John Mutumbu Impele, who represented the provincial director of EPST Kinshasa Est at this demonstration, warned the authorities of the school on the management of these works, promising sanctions in the event of mismanagement. All the guests were then taken on a guided tour of the structures by the PAEV project manager, Faustin Kupula. It is a solar-powered drinking water borehole, a garbage hole, toilets and showers, as well as standpipes. Following these achievements, this mixed school complex was officially certified as a “Healthy School” by the NGO PAEV. ACP/

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